These days, it’s rare that I get to take a vacation.  And even when I do, it’s hard to completely let go mentally.


There is always something to worry about, or plan for at the studio that it seems like my brain never really turns off.  The only time I’ve found that I can relax mentally is in yoga class.


So now when I travel, the first thing I do is google “Bikram Yoga (insert city I’m traveling to).”   I’ll plan out how far of a drive it is from my hotel and try to schedule at least one Bikram class into my vacation.   The astonishing thing is, if you’re traveling to a place that is close to a major city, most likely, there is a Bikram in town.


I’ve taken a Bikram class in Northern California, Michigan, Maine, Hawaii, and Rhode Island.  When I get a chance to go out of the country, you bet a Bikram studio will be my first stop so I can stop that jet lag right in its tracks.


I know what you’re thinking.  “Why would anyone want to work out/exercise/do yoga on vacation?”


But seriously, don’t discount it until you’ve tried it.


Here are 3 reasons why I like to practice on vacation:


  1. Stay fit.  Let’s face it.  Vacation is really a vacation for our diets.  And after a few days, this can seriously slow down our systems.  Practicing yoga on vacation can put that pep back in your step.

  2. Relaxing.  The only thing I ever really plan for my vacations is how to get to yoga.  Other than that, I’m pretty spontaneous and stress free.  But every once in a while, you get that vacation where every millisecond is planned to death and you just need to CHILLLLLL.  Yoga is THE best remedy for (family vacay) stress and turning off that incessant mental chatter.

  3. Feeling at home.  Bikram Yoga is the same all around the world.  You get your 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, and 5 gallons of sweaty amazing-ness.  Although the studios all have their own unique personalities, you will feel right at home doing your yoga.




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