Yoga Vs. Spilt Milk

My day started with a bang.  I dropped a quart-sized mason jar filled with homemade, raw, cashew milk.  Literally, crying over spilt milk right now.  Why gravity, why??


I had to leave for class in less than 5 minutes so I cleaned up broken glass and cashew remnants as quickly as I could.  On top of that, I was stressed because the street signs last night warned me of impending doom:  “Heavy rain tomorrow.  BE PREPARED.”


I can’t even deal.


I had planned to take the 10am class after teaching this morning, but after the Cashew Fiasco, I was already talking myself out of it.  “So stressed, just want to go back home, I’m so sore anyway, plus its raining and like, rain makes me lose my balance.”


I just did it anyway.  Dragged myself into the yoga room.  Took class, felt awesome, kicked my stress in the hiney and took control of my day.  That is all.


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