The Most Magical Posture


Who doesn’t love the magical sound of the teacher saying, “Savasana?”


This paradoxical posture is the simplest posture in the Bikram series, yet it can be the most difficult one to master.  It can go by several other names including Dead Body Pose, Corpse Pose, and Relaxation Pose.


The correct form for Savasana requires the practitioner to lie down on his back with heels touching and toes pointing outward comfortably (approximately 30 degree angles).  The arms are straight and close near the torso, palms facing upwards.  Now this is the difficult part – work toward relative stillness in this posture.  When just starting your yoga practice, you might feel urges to wipe, scratch, or move around.  Over time, with practice, it will feel natural and refreshing to be still.


The specific requirement of a properly performed Savasana is COMPLETE RELAXATION.  Don’t forget to relax on an exhale.


This posture alone, can dramatically decrease high blood pressure, but in combination with other asanas (postures), creates the miraculous healing of Bikram Yoga.  Savasana is what drives increased circulation throughout the body. 


Try this at home: Lie down in the proper form of Savasana and relax.  Have a friend pick up your arm and, without warning, gently release it.  If your arm falls as dead weight, you will know that your arm muscles are relaxed!


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