Teacher Feature: Marce

Name:  Marcela


Age:  38


Occupation:  Yoga Teacher and Florist


How long have been practicing yoga?  Around 10 years


How often do you practice?  Five to six times a week


What changes have you noticed in your practice?  My concentration and focus has improved.  In addition, I feel at peace with myself so it helps me to handle external situations in a calm way, in a peaceful manner.


What is one main reason why you practice?  It calms my mind.  It gives me a sense of happiness and peace.


What daily activities has yoga made a difference in?  My other job requires both mental and physical strength and yoga practice gives me the balance and the energy to keep going.


How is your yoga practice contributing to the rest of your life?  Yoga is my lifestyle and it feels great.  I feel happy, strong, energized, healthy and motivated.  Everything in my life happens around my yoga practice: setting up the time of my class, what to eat, where to practice, the amount of water that I drink during a day…


What is one main reason why you teach?  I teach because it is my way to give happiness, health and love.  This is my passion and makes me feel great inside.


Do you have a “favorite posture?”    “Least favorite?”

Favorite: Standing head to knee

Least favorite: I don’t have a least favorite I just have a hard time with Rabbit


What is your most memorable experience with yoga, either practicing or teaching?  Around 5 years ago, I went to take class with my boyfriend and nobody else show up for class.  We ended up having a private class with one of my favorite teachers.  We had a great time learning little details and corrections that changed my practiced forever and since then my practice has been improving amazingly.


What has been your most difficult experience with your yoga practice?  A few times in the past I pulled my hamstrings.  In my mind it was hard for me not to do the postures like I always do; but in those difficult moments I also learned how to do less and be present, accepting where my body was at that point in my practice.  Throughout the difficult experiences I also learned how to let go of the “ego.”


Do you have any other additional comments that you would like to mention?  I would like to encourage everyone to practice mindfully, take the time to breathe, connect and concentrate.


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