Teacher Feature: Jennifer


I’ve always known Jennifer to be extremely dedicated to the Bikram Yoga practice.  But what I also admire about her is her ability to find balance in her life. Jennifer is so multi-faceted and I feel there’s always something new to learn about her.  She’s got a regular yoga practice, a full teaching schedule, two beautiful children, and even.. HORSES.  (Am I right??)


How long have been practicing yoga?  8 Years


How often do you practice? 3-6 classes per week


What are some reasons why you practice?


1. I practice yoga for my Physical well being, staying fit and flexible.


2. I practice for Mindfulness.  It keeps me from over thinking and keeps me from just settling for a life on “autopilot.”


3. I practice for Inner Peace.  Through the practice of yoga I feel more vibrant, imaginative, skillful, intuitive, loving and kind.


4. I practice for mental and emotional well-being.  The benefits lie far beyond the physical postures. To take a 6AM yoga class and set my day with a clear and calm goal makes me able to take on any challenges that my come and to be able to handle them with grace and kindness.


What is one main reason why you teach?  If I can give one person an ounce of the benefits that I feel from this yoga, I know I have made this world a better place.


Do you have a “favorite posture?”  Standing Bow for the grace of the posture.


“Least favorite?” Standing Head to Knee, but I’m learning to love the pose one class at a time. I always try to take my least favorite pose and make it my favorite.


What has been your most difficult experience with your yoga practice?  Dealing with injuries has been my most difficult challenge in practicing.  It’s always hard for me to tell myself, “It’s okay to back off of the postures and let yourself heal!”


Do you have any other additional comments that you would like to mention?  On the weekends that I am not teaching you will finding me driving to studios all over SoCal taking classes from amazing teachers, followed by the rest of the day sitting on a beach somewhere enjoying the water and sunshine.



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