Student Update: Joel

Christmas Day class w/ Joel

If you practiced at BYF at all last year, then you’ve seen Joel around.  Or even more likely, you’ve practiced with him.


He made a huge accomplishment a couple days ago:  365 classes in 365 days.  Actually, I’m positive he did at least one double, so let’s make that 366 classes.  He showed up every single day in 2017 even on days he had to work late, through several deaths in the family, and a few of our staff came in on Christmas Day while the studio was closed to support his journey.


Joel started out on January 1st, 2017 at 225 lbs.  His blood test results were off the charts (in a bad way).  He had intense chronic pain due to gout, arthritis, and lack of cartilage in his knees.  He was also diagnosed with diabetes.


His final results in December showed improved kidney and liver function.  His doctor had written on his report that his A1C levels were “excellent”, down from 9.0+ to 6.5.  His gout has improved as well, with his uric acid down from 11.0+ to 7.3.  Joel also lost a little over 40 lbs.


From Joel, “These are my results without taking any meds.  I used to take shots, then medication.  Now I’m not taking anything…just YOGA.”  


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