Student Feature: Patrick


Patrick practices yoga every single day and you will find him getting his sweat on at least 3 times a week at Bikram Yoga Fullerton. Yoga has brought immeasurable meaning to Patrick’s life. He is a university professor and shares his love for yoga with university students through his yoga and Tai Chi class at CSU Fullerton.

This is how yoga changed his life:

“I was hit by a semi-trailer truck when I was 11 years old. I was thrown head over heels in the air, then landed on my head. I was unconscious for two days and suffered from a cerebral contusion (bruising of the brain). I have since lived most of my adult life with chronic head and neck pain. In recent years, I have been without pain, and I credit my Bikram practice as foundational in staying healthy. I am softer, more calm, more peaceful. I am grateful to Kaiyan, her teachers, and their dedication in serving us with this beautiful studio.”

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