Student Feature: Meredith

I literally cannot say enough about how consistent and committed Meredith is in her yoga practice.  She is, without a doubt, one of BYF’s Most Dedicated.  She has lived most of her adult life with Chronic Lyme’s Disease and all the infections that come with it.  Practicing Bikram Yoga 4-5 times a week, consistently for over two years, has completely changed her life.


Do you have an injury or health condition that yoga has relieved or healed?


Yoga has definitely helped my body in its healing process from chronic Lyme disease and its correlating co-infections.

I was misdiagnosed for 17 years which caused massive amounts of damage within my body to the point that I could barely function.

I have been on a natural program under the direction of a naturopathic doctor for the past 5 years.  Bikram was recommended as a way to help accelerate my healing, especially for my digestive tract.

I am so grateful that I was able to overcome my fear of the “hot room” because it has certainly produced the results my body needed!


What changes have you noticed in your practice?


My body simply functions better, is stronger, and more toned. The building foundation for health is making sure that all seven channels of elimination are functioning optimally.

Bikram helps stimulate all seven of those channels of elimination, especially in the sweat-toxins-out category!

Yoga has been an integral part of my health regimen to reclaim and maintain health.  As a matter of fact, I believe that I am the healthiest today that I have ever been in my adult years!


What daily activities has yoga made a difference in?


I have greater strength, endurance, and discipline in my life. I used to barely drag myself off to work. Now my husband and I organize and lead a monthly hiking group. I am consistently the one leading from the front!

Our family has been astounded at how far I have come from barely being able to function to racing to the end of our hike first!


How is your yoga practice contributing to the rest of your life?


Honestly, I can live life as a normal person.

Yoga has trained my body how to function on its own, when it literally couldn’t do so without a constant supply of supplements and treatments.

Within these past 2 years, I finally feel like I have rejoined the human race! It has blessed me and my husband beyond words!


What has been your most difficult experience with your yoga practice?


I think my greatest struggle is staying mentally focused and not being frustrated with myself when I feel like I am not progressing beyond a certain point.

Sometimes I really don’t want to be there, especially when I don’t feel well.  And in the beginning of my practice that was every day.

I find that working through the pain and the frustration has helped me to slowly but surely improve in my mental focus.  

I am really grateful for the encouragement that the Bikram Fullerton teachers have provided because they often see progress that I do not, and help me to push through and eventually get the results I desire.



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