Student Feature: John

Many times we go to class and hear an instructor (mostly Kaiyan) tell us that when we feel like we shouldn’t be in class due to illness, injury, or just not feeling right; that those are the days WE NEED to be in class. Last week I experienced this first hand, here is my story.

Last Thursday I just finished taking my 7th class in 7 days. I was feeling really good. Had an awesome lunch and my day was going great!

Late that evening, I started having leg cramps. They first started behind my leg and as the evening progressed the discomfort was now up and down my left leg – from my butt to my Achilles.  

I tried stretching and it really didn’t take the discomfort away. I figured I would just go to bed in the hopes the discomfort would go away by morning. Throughout the night I tossed and turned and I just didn’t get a good night’s rest.

When the alarm went off to get up for yoga class I decided to bypass class and stay in bed. BIG MISTAKE. As the day went on, the discomfort never went away, it was pretty persistent. I was now trying every heat rub, roller, bands, you name it and nothing seemed to help.

I officiate college basketball and had a lower level game that evening. I went to do the game and was able to run at about 75%. I finished the game and came home. Little did I know the worst was about to come.

As I was getting ready to get to bed the discomfort turned into pain. I really think (not sure) it was my Sciatica. The pain was up and down, all night I tossed and turned and I never slept more than 1 hour at a time. I truly would have gone to a 2am CLASS if they had one!

Nothing worked. My alarm couldn’t have come early enough. I was scheduled for the 10am class and I made sure to get out of bed this time. Class was packed with a guest instructor, I took class and although I wasn’t able to do the poses 100% on my left leg, I finished class.

As I was walking out of the studio, I took about 5 steps and realized all the pain was gone! I might have had slight discomfort but nothing major! Late that evening I had a D1 game to officiate and my legs felt great! 

I am no doctor, and I am far from an expert in Yoga. But what I do know is it works! I can’t explain the science but there is something about regular practice!

I know some of you have similar stories, I hope by sharing mine will help you next time you’re thinking about staying away from THE HEAT cause you don’t feel 100%.

My last words of wisdom = TRUST THE SYSTEM (AND KAIYAN TOO) It works!

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