Student Feature: Corey


When I first met Corey, I felt like he had quite a bit of hesitation about his yoga practice.  He told me about his back spasms and how he had been in several work-related accidents that really messed up his alignment.  I asked him how many times a week he practiced, and at the time, it was just once a week.  He said he’d rather be at the gym a few more times and yoga once a week to help him stretch.

I was adamant that he practice at least twice a week.  He agreed.  And voilà.



Corey Fleming





How long have you been practicing yoga?

1 Year


How often do you practice?

2x a week


What changes have you noticed in your practice?

I can do backward bends, when laying down I can place my ear on the ground, and I can almost put my two knees in line in tree pose!


Do you have an injury or health condition that yoga has relieved or healed?

I no longer have back spasms and I can walk without having my ankle ache


What daily activities has yoga made a difference?

I am much less stressed out, I can reach for things, be more active at the gym, as well as go about my day not in constant pain or fear that my back/neck would tense up and start spasming.


Do you have a Favorite Posture(s)?

Tree/Toe stand, Camel, or (duh) Savasana


Do you have a Least Favorite Posture(s)?

Triangle pose


What is your most memorable experience in class?

The first time I could go all the way back in fixed firm, I felt a great sense of accomplishment that cemented me into this practice and the belief that it could actually help me.


What has been your most difficult experience with your yoga practice?

Dedicating enough time beforehand to make sure I’m properly hydrated/prepared for class


Additional comments that you would like to mention?

Not only has my quality of life improved from this practice, but it has allowed me to approach certain situations as a more relaxed person, and more positively affect others as a result. Bikram yoga helps me every day.



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