Student Feature: Cindy


I love seeing Cindy walk in through our front door at the studio because she always rocks a beautiful smile. There is always something exciting that she’s noticed in her yoga practice or changes in her body that she runs in to tell us about.  The yoga has helped her physically with several stubborn injuries, as well as mentally.  It’s inspiring to watch her progress— it’s truly why we teachers do what we do.   Read on and see how the magic and science of Bikram Yoga has changed her life.


How long have you been practicing?  8 months


How often do you practice?  Most weeks I practice 4 times a week.  Three times a week MINIMUM!


What changes have you noticed in your practice?  I’ve definitely become more flexible and I can do postures that I’ve never imagined for myself.   My legs have gotten stronger so my balance has improved significantly.


Do you have a health condition or injury that yoga has helped with?  Yoga has healed a pulled tendon in my right leg.  Prior to yoga, I had a limp that I tried to hide and I had excruciating pain in my leg that would wake me up at night. I’ve also had left shoulder pain for years that has gotten significantly better.


How is your yoga practice contributing to the rest of your life?  Yoga keeps me calm and balanced.  I often thank God for Bikram Choudhury and the development of this yoga practice.


What is your most memorable experience in class?  I think my most memorable moment was when I nailed Standing Head To Knee.  So rewarding. But these moments continue.  The first time you nail a pose that you’ve been working toward, you just want to yell out, “Look!  I finally did it!”


What has been your most difficult experience with your yoga practice?  The most difficult part is getting to the studio.  You have to make time and make it a priority.


Do you have any additional comments?   Yoga has to be a way of life.  When you do it regularly and you see the changes inside and out, the growth on a personal level, you want to keep coming to continue to reap the benefits.  Whenever I feel like running out of the room I try to remember these two things:  “Focus on your breath” and “Get out of your head, it’s a bad neighborhood.”


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