Student Feature: Alpa


I love to watch Alpa practice because she smiles coming out of every posture.  I asked her one time why she smiles so much in class, and she responded with, “it just feels so good.”  She laughed to herself all the way back to her car.


Whenever someone tells me it’s too late for them to start practicing, I think of Alpa and all of her determination and courage to practice several times a week in spite of/because of her health condition.  She always makes the comment, “I’m not bad for 65 right?!”  That always leaves me speechless because her tenacity is amazing for any age.


Here is Alpa’s inspiring story.


Name:  Alpa


Occupation:  Registered nurse


How long have you been practicing?  2 years


How often do you practice?  3-4x a week


What changes have you noticed in your practice?  My flexibility and endurance has improved.  Practicing Bikram Yoga has reduced the pain and discomfort on my knees and is a good substitute for pain pills.   I come to class as my therapy.  I can always feel the therapeutic effects.


Do you have an injury or condition the yoga has helped heal?  I think yoga lubricates my joints and it is rescuing the osteoarthritis in my knees.


Do you have a favorite or least favorite posture?  Fixed firm.  I hope that one day I can do the full thing like Camel Pose.


What is your most memorable experience in class?  The instructors and their encouragement are ongoing and are always memorable.  Without them, I don’t think I’d ever be able to finish the 90 min. class.  (I’m 65 years old!!)


Additional comments you would like to mention?  Here’s some good news.  I just got my annual lab test results back.  My hemoglobin A1C and LDL/HDL ratio are EXCELLENT.  My physician asked me what I’m doing.  I told her, “I do Bikram Yoga.”




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