Why You Need Trace Mineral Supplements


Periodic Table of Elements


One of the biggest concerns I hear from students is about muscle cramps.  You know, the one you get in your foot during Cobra Pose when your teacher keeps saying, “Point your toes!”  And you’re like, “Ow.  No.  Can’t.  Point.  Toes.”


I swear by trace mineral drops for this problem.  It sounds all fancy but in reality they’re just natural minerals like ones you’d find on the periodic table in chemistry class.  They occur naturally in soil and ocean water.  So, go on.  Grab a bowl, head to the garden, and fill ‘er up!


No, wait, come back.


In reality, the soil today is very different from the soil of a few hundred years ago.


Before industrialized farming, if you were to eat a nice healthy dose of vegetables, you’d have gotten your full dose of ionic minerals.  Today, because of aggressive farming techniques, many of the minerals in our soil have been depleted, brought to the surface of the soil and washed into lakes and the ocean.


So even when you eat a healthy diet, you may not be getting the full spectrum of minerals that your body needs to perform basic functions like blood circulation, maintenance of healthy bones, and muscle contractions.


A mineral imbalance can cause muscle cramps, but can also cause food cravings and general fatigue, all issues I’ve heard students ask about when practicing Bikram Yoga consistently.  Since I began taking ionic minerals, I rarely get muscle cramps.  Adding a few drops of minerals into my water every morning helps me to wake up and feel energized for most of the day.  I’ve used the brands Concentrace and Source Naturals, both of which you can purchase at Sprouts Farmers Market.


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