How To Remove The Wind


The holiday season is upon us.  You do it every year  – so do I – you’ll tell yourself control your portions, not too much wine, and don’t go for the cookies after dinner!  But, alas, feast, wine, and cookies are just so delicious.


Well, good news.  Have your cookies.  But have them with a side of Wind Removing Pose so you can keep your digestive system functioning well this season.


This posture can be practiced by yogis of all ages who would like to prevent or relieve excessive gas formation in the bowels.  Of course, healthy eating habits can help, but we all know it’s not always possible to have the perfect diet.  So this is an important posture to have in your back pocket.


Wind Removing Pose is easy to perform.  Simply bring one knee up toward the shoulder on the same side.  Clasp your hand two inches below the knee and pull downwards.  You should feel pressure in the lower abdomen.  An important point to note is not to bounce in and out of the posture.  Your only two options in this posture are to hold it still or continue to pull deeper as you exhale your breath. Hold the posture for 30 seconds, release, and do the other side.  Lastly, you’ll bring both knees into your chest and hold for 30 seconds.


You can do a sitting variation of the 3rd part of this posture.  Sit on your butt, draw both knees into your chest, and grab your elbows over your legs.  This also happens to be a more ideal posture to eliminate the bowels in.  Yogis recommend a stool or box of some kind under your feet when you’re on the toilet.  Trust me, it will remove a lot more than just your wind.


TMI?  It won’t be after you try it, and you find out it’s the most amazing thing since sliced bread.


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