Healing a broken pelvis.


I’m so excited to be hosting Gianna at our upcoming workshop on October 28th.


Gianna has incredible insight on yoga and movement, and healing the body through the two.  You’ve already seen what a consistent practice can do for your biochemistry (if you haven’t, click here).  But yoga can also help to realign your skeletal system after traumatic injuries and broken bones.



From Gianna:

“Exactly one year ago today, my wife and I were hit on my motorcycle.  Our ability to relax and breathe during this horrible scene is why we are still alive.  Once I could be upright without help up, I went to yoga with a walker, crutches, and a chair.

I had already been the postures, they were in me.  They didn’t look like postures at first, but I got there.  They are the healers of the physical and the mental.  Full body trauma and a broken pelvis do not break the mind.”



Some pretty amazing stuff.  If you’ve got a body and mind in need of some healing, then this is the workshop for you.  Learn alignment techniques to create better structure for a better life.  Stop waiting around on the couch for months at a time, waiting for your body to heal, seeing all your hard work go down the drain.  Start now and give your body the ingredients it needs to take care of itself.


Click below to enroll.  See you there!

10am – Comprehensive Class ( $30 )

12:30pm – Alignment & Technique Workshop ( $45 )

Save $5 when you sign up for both.

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