How I climbed back on the wagon.

I recently took a trip overseas to Shanghai and Taipei.  It was my first time overseas in 6 years!


It was, of course, an amazing trip minus the fact that there was no yoga, no hot yoga, no Bikram Yoga.  No.  Yoga.


I did manage to get to the gym almost every day.  But just getting in some exercise is NOTHING compared to a consistent Bikram practice.  Cardio and weights usually make me feel sore and stiff.


With the amount of food I was eating, and the type of food (aka all that BAF Taiwanese street food), I did NOT feel healthy or well-balanced whatsoever when I got home.  I was lethargic for weeks.  My skin had a slightly gray hue to it.  I went to the doctor and my blood tests came back positive for Chinese cooking oil.


I was so ecstatic to get back into the hot room to sweat out all the lard, garbage, and pollution.  But that first class was So. Damn.  Hard.


No wonder why people don’t come back for years after they’ve fallen off the bandwagon.  It hurts too much to get back on!  Stiff joints, no stamina, dying from heat stroke, melting into a greasy puddle in the middle of my yoga mat.  Maybe its better to stay oily and polluted.


It took a few weeks of hard work and self-loathing, but I started to feel better again.  My joints got more mobile.  I could finally get up out of bed without inhaling a gallon of coffee.  And sun beams once again started to shine out of my face.  Cue singing angel sounds.


Look, I get it.  You basically went rogue from Thanksgiving until Chinese New Year.  And you don’t even know what a lunar calendar is, but you used Chinese New Year as a reason to celebrate and get gluttonous anyway.  (I feel you.)  Now you feel like you’re back at square one.  And maybe you are.  And maybe it’s going to be extremely painful to get back to where you were.  But think of how healthy and energized you will feel once you’re over the hump.  And trust, sunshine beaming out of your face is ALWAYS worth it.


See you in the hot room!


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