Happy Game Day

It’s Game Day.  Big, bad football players.  The best vs. the best.  Who knew they also did yoga?  Check out this NFL video about Keith Mitchell, all-star turned underdog.  Underdog turned all-star.  Football player turned yoga teacher.  Say what? 


Take note, you DO NOT need to get injured to begin practicing yoga.  You can actually do yoga to prevent injury.  Yoga keeps your muscles and joints functioning at their optimum by bringing them fresh circulation.  And the key nutrient?  Oxygen.  


Yoga also keeps you limber.  A stiff tree is one that breaks easily.  When you and your muscles are bendy and flexible, you’re less likely to break.  


I’ve met several athletes that practice Bikram Yoga:  Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Joakim Noah, Albert Pujols (I actually had this guy in class a few times, ah!).  Yoga is oh-so-powerful.  A miraculous preventative medicine, let’s say, so you can keep doing your thing.  Forever. 



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