Why You Will Fall In Love With Acroyoga

Guest Blog By Michelle Andrews

3PersonAcroyoga has become one of the latest fitness and acrobatic trends for many reasons. From a fitness perspective, it changes up your workout by using your muscles in ways you don’t use in everyday activities or in a regular yoga or gym setting. As a base, you will get a great workout for your quads, calves and toes when working with beginner poses and movements by learning how to push through your toes and legs to support another body. As a flyer, you will learn how to stay lifted and tight by engaging muscles while holding various poses. As you progress and skills become more challenging, it is a full-body workout from head to toe. You’ll be getting those arms, back, legs, booty and tummy toned, looking beach body ready, which in California, beach season is year round. Plus it’s a great way to change up your regular workout regime and trick your muscles into new strength training moves.

Although acroyoga will keep you physically fit, the other benefits is what really makes this artful exercise amazing. This form of exercise includes therapeutics, communications, group bonding and a straight up fun time.  Therapeutically, you learn ways to stretch and massage your partner; everyone enjoys getting a nice massage to get knots and hard work rubbed out. As for communication, it’s all done without speaking as you progress. Talk about true, deep communication! The base will learn where the flyer needs to be balanced and how to hold the flyer up, while the flyer can feel which moves the base is leading to through the way the feet and legs are shifting, eventually creating a flow and art done through nonverbal communication and cues. As for the best and most important part of acroyoga, group bonding and a fun time is what it’s really about! Learning how to trust others above you and below you while being able to dip your toes into an acrobatic, monkey-business activity is addictive and enjoyable. Balancing right side up, upside down and all around while flying or basing can be challenging, but it is incredibly freeing. Once you go acroyoga you’ll forever change your cobra….onto someone’s feet!

As much as acroyoga can look intimidating and challenging, ANYONE and EVERYONE has the ability to learn it with ease. This workshop will help you soar through the basics of acroyoga and beginning poses. No matter your age or gender, anyone can be a flyer and a base. Nothing but love and support is seen within workshops such as these. No matter what level you are, you will be welcomed with open arms and a safe, fun place to train. So don’t shy away!  Come test your inner acroyogi!

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