Why You Don’t Want To Miss The Next Workshop


There’s something about the coming of spring that makes me want to hear and learn new information.  To grow and get better.  All the new plant life and sunshine.  I know you get that feeling too.


So this month, I will be holding two semi-private group workshops that will give you a whole new perspective on your yoga practice.  Take the Bikram-isms you hear every class, make some real sense of them, and put them into use so that you reap 101x more benefit from the hard work you put in.


In starting anything new, there is a wealth of information that you need to process.  Bikram Yoga is no different.  Within each of the 26 postures and breathing exercises are tiny details and nuances that may take a lifetime to grasp.  Well, I’m here to help speed the process up (slightly) or at least make the information clearer and easier to understand.


Do the classes make you feel exhausted?  Are you getting injured in class?  Or are you just not seeing the results that all the Bikram-ites preach?  I’ve been there, too!


Maybe it’s time to refine the small things in your practice so that you start to see a more dramatic difference.  Imagine living life with less pain (or without it altogether), practicing yoga and feeling energized (instead of drained), and growing older (yes, we all do) but taller, straighter, more vital, not the other way around.


With a bit of fine tuning to your yoga practice, it’s all within reach.


Let’s face it, we all work really, REALLY hard in the hot room.  You have 2 chances this month to fine-tune so you can get the very most out of your hard work.   The workshops will be limited to 5 students MAX so sign up early and save your seat.  Sign up for one or both.  I promise your practice, your body, and your mind will TRANSFORM!


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