What Is Community Day and How You Can Get a Piece


On the third Saturday of every month you’ll find an excessive amount of people at BYF sweating an excessive amount.  Reason being, we offer a full day of FREE classes each month.


Why, you ask?  Because we really believe in this yoga practice.


When you practice Bikram Yoga, things just start to get a little bit better.  You feel more energized.  You’re in a better mood.  There’s a cute little bounce in your step.  When you practice consistently, it truly is HEALTH care.  You take the necessary preventive measures to ensure you age healthfully.


And so we offer a day of free classes so that our members can bring their friends and family to share with them what real health care is.  We also do it as a way to say, “thank you,” to our members for coming to the studio to practice, and little by little making themselves better with each class.


Most importantly, though, we know that yoga classes can get pricey and not everyone is able to make the commitment to a membership.  Although we have to charge a certain price so we can all have a studio to practice at, we also believe healthcare should be available to everyone.  And so we offer 4 free classes each month to give everyone a chance to experience that euphoric, post-Bikram feeling of all around wellness.


This month’s Community Day lands on June 17th.  Pre-register online or just drop in.  We’re excited to see you in the hot room.


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