Buenos Dias from Colombia


Buenos dias from all your BYF friends in Colombia!


Colombia has been the most incredible adventure, which I’m sure all 13 of us can attest to.  In a span of just a few days, we’ve zip-lined the jungle, rode horses along cliff sides, witnessed majestic valleys and rivers, and soaked in mineral-rich hot springs.


Our view from the retreat house was riveting.  Miles and miles of greenery, coffee farms, star fruit trees.  There was no better place to come and connect.


We practiced yoga daily.  Our classes were heated by the sun.  Our meditation was supported by the songs of exotic birds (and occasionally the upbeat Colombian music from the farmers who were busy harvesting plantains).


The goal for the staff of this retreat was to give attendees experiences that would bring them back to the present moment.  Through our yoga classes and our off site adventures, I can confidently say we accomplished that.


In our regular yoga class back at home, it’s easy to fall into routine.  Flip on the auto-pilot switch and go through the motions while our minds go through a to-do list for the day.


At our retreat, we did silent classes, classes with music, classes out in nature.  We perked up all of our senses, reminding us that yoga is for connection.  When an insect flies near your hand in Standing Bow or a bird flutters by in Eagle Pose, you have no choice but to turn your focus inward.  But at the same time, reconnecting to nature, where we are all meant to be.   Connecting inward and connecting outward.


As our first ever retreat comes to a close and we send our new friends off one by one, I can see that they’ve all found great meaning in this trip.  This definitely won’t be our last retreat so look out for info coming your way about the next one.  I hope to see you there!


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