4 Reasons Our Best Package Is The Best For You

The price tag for a One Year membership to any boutique fitness can be jaw-dropping.  Ranging anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000, it can be intimidating to most.  In the beginning, at BYF, we actually hesitated to offer this type of membership.


But the Yearly Unlimited is our best selling package now, and for good reason. Four good reasons, in fact.


1. The regular priced Yearly membership breaks down to $116 per month, which is less than what the Auto Pay membership would run you.  Get the Yearly on sale, and you can save a huge chunk of change on your yoga classes. Practicing 5 times a week would bring your class cost down to less than $5 per class.


2. Yearly members get the benefit of unlimited classes all year, as well as 1-week guest passes for all of their friends.  Getting friends in to the hot room to practice alongside you helps to keep your motivation alive.  It’s great to take class alone when you’re having one of those days, but sweating it out with your friends is a fun experience for everyone.


3. Our Yearly members shop our retail boutique at 20% off, always.  Practicing yoga more frequently and consistently means your mat and clothes will need an update every once in a while.  We keep our retail shop fully stocked so you get the most comfy, fresh yoga gear, for less.


4. Many of our Yearly members love their membership because it keeps them accountable.  For an entire year.  Let’s face it, enrolling in a yearlong membership is a huge commitment.  But what’s better than committing to a year of health and vitality?  To a year of hard work and dedication?  To a year of… YOU?


Find our Yearly membership on sale August 7-13, 2016.  It’s the perfect opportunity for you to get back on track, or stay on track, with your health and well-being.


Pay for a year in full and receive a FREE $65 WayMat, and FREE access to our back-bending and hip-opening workshops in late August.  We have payment plans available upon request and even have a PayPal Credit option, which gives you 6 months to pay, interest-free.


Enrolling in our Yearly Unlimited has never been more convenient.   Just think, where will your health be in one year?



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