3 Must Do’s For A Successful Yoga Class


Well, first off, to have a successful yoga class means you need to show up.  But, godddd that’s like THE hardest part.  Getting in the car, sitting through rush hour traffic after a long day, and waltzing into that hot, really hot, torture chamber of miracles.


It is hard to get to yoga (but so damn worth it).  So here are 3 must do’s to make showing up way easier.    


1.  Download the MindBody App and schedule your classes.  Pre-booking your classes for the week will give you an outline for what days you’ll need to meal prep, hydrate x a million, and have hubby/wifey get the kids from school.  It also gives us a heads up when you’ll be coming to class so we can help keep you on track and accountable.  Research shows announcing your goals publicly makes you more likely to achieve them.


2.  Have an extra set of yoga clothes in your car.  Yes, sometimes work or traffic can cut down on your pre-yoga time.  Don’t let that be the excuse for not being able to go to yoga.  If you usually have to go home after work to grab clothes, pack an extra set in your car so you’re prepared for any and all situations.  


3.  Have a protein shake, nutrition bar, or other snack on hand.  We know, the work day can be super hectic.  So much so that you forget to eat!  Have a snack on hand, packed away in your car with your extra set of clothes.  Don’t let that hunger be the reason why you didn’t make it to class.  Or for you having a miserable class in which all you thought about was that giant burrito wrapped in silver foil, and the scoop of guac, you scarfed down five minutes before class.  


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