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beginner yoga classes 7 days a week

Why should YOU yoga?

We have students of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.  They all share something in common:  an unshakeable commitment to their health and future.


Our students come in feeling stressed, anxious, and bogged down from all the things going on in their lives.  They leave feeling energized, happy, and on top of the world.


Meet a few of our most dedicated students here in this video.

First Time?

Challenge yourself to come daily in your first 3 weeks.  Guaranteed, you'll see and feel that unmistakable Bikram glow.


See our updated class times and teacher schedules.  Pre-register online to save you time during check in or just drop by the studio.

Our Blog

Stay connected and inspired through our blog, Hot Thoughts. Read student spotlight articles and get hot tips for sweaty success.

What Our Students Are Saying

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.22.59 PM"Bikram Yoga Fullerton gave me my body back. In a little under two months, I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds without any dietary supplements. Doing yoga naturally curbed my appetite for unhealthy foods.  A big thanks to all the teachers and staff."

–Matt, BYF student, businessman

evangeline"Bikram Yoga has started to heal my body, but more importantly, Bikram Yoga has quieted my anxious mind and soothed my weathered soul."

–Evangeline, BYF student, breast cancer survivor

jean"This practice has helped me accept and love the body I was given. It saved me from myself!"

—Jean, BYF Student, concert pianist

sending you lots of love"One primary focus of my life is self-care. I practice Bikram Yoga so that I can be a better father to my kids.  I try to live my life as an example for them."

—Phong, Bikram Yoga Teacher, UCI school counselor

patrickI've lived most of my adult life with chronic head and neck pain.  In recent years I have been without pain and I credit my Bikram practice as foundational in staying healthy."

–Patrick, CSUF professor, devoted yogi

andrew"I'm extremely thankful to have been introduced to hot yoga.  No matter what is happening in my life, spending time in the room full of hot thoughts and the positive energy of the students, the teachers, and the postures always helps!"  

—Andrew, BYF Student, avid hiker